Last month we discussed how important the position and placement of your children’s bed is to give them the most support.  Now we are going to learn more tips on how to create good Feng Shui in your children’s bedroom!



Artwork is very important in Feng Shui.  Ideally, you want to have your child decide on the images they would like to display so that they can personally connect with their space.  However, you want to encourage your child to choose harmonious art that allows them to focus, stay calm, and supported.  For example, fast-moving images such as cars, crashing waves, and running animals are not beneficial in your child’s room.  If your child really loves images like this – maybe he or she can hang them outside the bedroom or in the playroom.  Remember that in Feng Shui everything is about balance.  Too many visuals may be over-stimulating.  Keep it clean and simple.  A family photo is always a nice addition for support as well.


Sharp Angles

Make sure there are no sharp angles pointing at your child while he or she is sleeping.  It is best if you rearrange sharp corners of furniture and remove pointy artwork so that it does not point at your child.  Sharp angles constantly attack and interfere with our well-being.


Desk Position

If there is a desk in your child’s room, position the desk in the room so that he or she has a wall behind him/her for support.  Try to avoid having his or her back face a window or entrance.  It is also important to see the entrance when sitting at the desk.  In order to concentrate while working we want to keep the desk clutter free, organized and clean always!



Toys in the children’s bedroom should be well stored away at night so they can’t see them.  This will promote better sleep and a relaxing, undistracted morning.  Remember to also keep only the items the children still want and need.  It is not recommended to store anything under the bed so that energy can flow freely.  I know it is hard to keep a kid’s room organized.  What has helped me is having a dedicated place for (each) toy, book, game, etc.  Not only does it help keep clutter under control, it also helps the kids know exactly where things go at pick up time.


Fresh air

The kid’s rooms are usually packed with lots of toys, stuffed animals, books, and clothes.  It is very important to air out the room a few times a day – especially in the morning and before bedtime (This is important to do even during the winter months).


Electronic Devices

Ensure that there are no electronics in the bedroom such as phones, iPads, TV’s, or electronic alarm clocks (battery-operated alarm clocks are best).   This will ensure that your children sleep restfully and are receiving as few EMF’s (electromagnetic fields) as possible.



Feng Shui aims to balance space and to cultivate a sense of security, productivity, and serenity.  Implementing these Feng Shui tips into your child’s bedroom will help your child feel supported as they experience new things and grow.