“I contacted Angie so that she could help me de-clutter and arrange my home with the teachings of feng shui. I knew that space and design was essential in feeling peaceful and productive in my home but I had no idea what feng shui was. I have two busy children at home and I needed to create a space that felt good since I worked “at home” as a stay at home mom and my life revolved around this house. Immediately upon meeting Angie I felt a sense of calm and creativity and trusted her to diligently and efficiently feng shui my house! Angie was a pleasure to work with! She has a passion for what she does and you could feel it in how she conducts her meeting with you. She spent so much time walking through my house, taking notes, looking up and down (and sideways) and really detailing things that I would never have thought of! Her report was extremely detailed and she was very easy to talk to about ideas or concepts that I did not understand. Angie was also very helpful in explaining the elements of feng shui and giving me ideas on what to use/buy/place in certain areas of my home. I highly recommend Angie to others (especially those new to feng shui) because she has a very down to earth approach to this ancient study and made a stay at home mom in the suburbs feel a sense of serenity that others comment upon as soon as they walk through my doorway. Thanks, Angie!”


San Diego, CA

“Having my home Feng Shuied was one of the best decision ever! A few years ago, I felt totally stuck in my life, I didn’t know what was next. After reading about Feng Shui I decided to give it a chance. I had Angie come over to Feng Shui my place. She is very knowledgeable, patience and her natural way of explaining everything made it very easy for me to follow the process and get the remedies in place. It wasn’t long before my life started to shift. Long story short, I took a 6 months leave of absence from my work to travel the world and during my trip I found love. Today, we have a 3-year-old daughter and we live between Switzerland and Costa Rica. Not to mentioned that one of my dream came true to build a small home near the ocean. I loved working with Angie! Her ongoing support following the consultation was super helpful! I was so impressed by her work that I hired her again once we decided to build our home.”


Luzern, Switzerland

“The main reason I decided to seek Feng Shui expertise was because I needed some guidance in my career. After I made the changes recommended by Angie, I started enjoying my work again and I actually got a promotion! Today, I can say that not only does my apartment feels like a more peaceful place but also my whole life has changed for the better! It was such a great experience working with Angie and I very much enjoyed the whole process. I was very inspired. Thank you so much!”


Paris, France