“Feng Shui opens the eyes of your eyes!” This was one of the first things Angie read about Feng Shui. Feng Shui, which means wind and water, is an ancient Chinese art that has been practiced for thousands of years. Throughout time, people have been searching for balance in their lives, and this fact explains why Feng Shui continues to be so valuable to people across cultures today. By adjusting the energy flow in any given space, Feng Shui is used to harmonize our lives with the physical environments we spend lots of time in. In sum, Feng Shui gives us the means to expand our general growth.

How do I prepare for the consultation?

wo items are necessary before the consultation.

  • The Questionnaire is designed to help you focus on what you hope to accomplish by implementing the practices of Feng Shui in your home/business space. All information you include on the questionnaire is confidential and will not be shared. The questionnaire will be sent to you once you book your Feng Shui consultation.
  • A Floor Plan of your home/business drawn to scale is essential in order to apply the Feng Shui principles.

The completed questionnaire and floor plan must be sent to Angie 48 to 72 hours before consultation for preparation.

What should I expect?

The initial consultation will take approximately 2 – 3 hours, depends on the size of the
space and consists of the following steps:

An Interview: Angie will conduct an interview with you, based on your completed questionnaire.

The Walk-Through: You will walk together with Angie to examine the inside and outside of your home/building by walking through each room and all around the outside of your home.

Compass Reading: Angie will determine the orientation of your home/building by taking a compass reading.

Initial Energy Balancing: Angie will then provide suggestions about how to best balance the energy of your space. Together you and Angie will again walk through your home/building, and she will explain the rationale underlying her suggestions based on Feng Shui principles. 

Do you check back?

Within a week of the consultation, you will receive a written report which will include all of the details and recommendations discussed and determined on the day of the consultation. Angie is also available for any follow-up questions that you may have and can be contacted via phone or email.

How are the Feng Shui principles implemented into your space?


  • Placement of the missing elements (water, wood, fire, earth and metal) in the right place to create the perfect energy flow.
  • Optimization of furniture arrangement for best support while, sleeping, working, eating, etc.
  • Suggestions on color and décor ideas to enhance each space even more.
  • Tips on keeping your space clutter free and organized for the future to come.
What are some of the benefits of Feng Shui?

Bringing Feng Shui into your spaces supports you in many aspects of your life, including:

• Improving health
• Attracting love
• Enhancing family, friends and work relationships
• Fostering career growth and stability
• Increasing business growth and opportunities
• Enhancing prosperity
• Promoting fertility
• Cultivating motivation
• Advancing academics capabilities
and much more!

What is space clearing?

Space clearing is used in Feng Shui as a way to cleanse the space on an energy level. Clearing a space by getting rid of clutter, dirt and dust is done regularly but very few spaces are cleared to get rid of the negative energy captured there. Space clearing not only clears the negative energy but also enhances the positive energy flow in your surroundings. It frees your home or business environment of old, stagnant energy and brings in new, fresh energy. The intention of space clearing is to improve all aspects of your life such as health, relationships, finances, prosperity, productivity and much more. To maintain a positive energy flow, it is good to perform a space clearing whenever you feel that the energy is heavy or stagnant.

Space clearing is especially effective at the following times;

  • After illness
  • After major life changes
  • After arguments
  • After moving to a new home
  • Before selling a home (attracts buyers)
  • After renovation
  • Before business opening
  • After changing business location
  • When employee’s productivity decreases
  • When business slows down

Some of the tools used in a space clearing ritual are sage sticks, essential oils, Palo Santo wood sticks, chimes, bells, and singing bowls. You can easily space clear your space yourself. If you feel like your home/business space would benefit from a space clearing, I am happy to provide you with the instructions during our Feng Shui consultation. 

Space clearing is an amazing way to freshen up your home or business! It will encourage harmony and support the mission of your life and business!

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