This is My Story

Angie was born and raised in the beautiful mountainous country of Switzerland. Like many people from Switzerland, Angie is a world-traveling nature lover. She also had the opportunity to live in the magnificent city of Paris, France for two years.

However, after coming to San Diego to study English in 2002, she was bitten by the lure of the ocean and surfing bug and, as a result, she made San Diego her home. It was perhaps the balance, intuition, and alignment so vital to the energies in surfing that made Feng Shui a natural fit for Angie. The very first time she learned about Feng Shui, she signed herself up for classes to become a consultant. For Angie, it was like entering a new world where everything made complete sense.

Angie studied traditional/classical Feng Shui at the International School of Feng Shui in San Diego under the world-renowned Feng Shui Master, Amanda Sophia. She earned her Certification in Feng Shui Consulting in 2011 and has since continued studying Feng Shui. 

Working with clients from diverse cultures, both locally and in different parts of the world, has given Angie great insight into the variety of tools she can use to incorporate Feng Shui into each space individually while keeping her clients needs, sensitivities, and cultures at the core.

As the mother of two young daughters, Angie is also particularly in tune with the needs of families in balancing their homes to foster harmony and helpfulness among family members.

Likewise, as a small business owner herself, Angie is keenly attuned to the complexities involved in maximizing the energies of business spaces – whether home-based or in a commercial setting – to create prosperity.

Feng Shui Consultant