2024 is a big year in Feng Shui as we are transitioning from period 8 to period 9. What does that mean? In Feng Shui there are a total of 9 periods, each new period comes with a major energy shift and sticks around for about 20 years. Every 180 years the cycle repeats.

The new period begins on February 4th,  2024. However, some people suggest that this energy started showing up a couple years earlier and some of you might agree once learning more about the characteristics of period 9. 

Let’s see what the new energy holds in store for us 

Each period is associated with one of the five elements. The previous period 8 was related with the element earth which is represented by mountains and is connected to the properties of grounding, stability and security. Period 9 celebrates the element fire, reflecting; passion, transformation, action, power, desire and fame! Comparing the qualities of these two elements, I think it comes with no surprise that we will be exposed to a very different energy. Fire produces energy – heat and light. Imagine a flame, a powerhouse that never stands still, it is constantly moving and unpredictable in which direction it will move. With this being said, unstable but powerful and fast moving energy awaits us. 


Female energy is on the rise! In the future to come we will be seeing more and more women in power. If we look back, period 8 was associated with the young male energy, and certainly there were a lot of young male becoming extremely successful in the last two decades.

The young generation values purpose over wealth. For them the time has come, to finally experience transparency and collaboration. They demand inclusivity and social justice. And not to stop here, they no longer turn a blind eye to the environmental issues – aiming for a more conscious lifestyle is key for them. Expect to see more innovation in sustainable products and ways of living. 


Technology will continue to grow. It’s important to adapt to the modern age, especially around businesses. However, it is likewise important to handle it with balance. Connecting through technology is super easy, fast and convenient but it comes with the cost of losing face to face human interaction which can lead to loneliness and depression. Relationships in any form can be more challenged – nurturing relationships and clear communication is essential for the future to come. 


Industries that are related to light, heat and energy as well as businesses in the electronic, technology, beauty, entertainment and spiritual sector will drive among others. The new period also suggests creating multiple sources of income because period 9 is not as stable as period 8 so it’s always a good idea to have a back-up plan.


As period 9 is associated with the eyes, heart and mind. We could see medical advances on these parts of the body but at the same time it could also mean that we have to take extra care of these areas. For example; too much screen time is not beneficial for our eyes and mind. It is also predicted that alternative medicine and holistic health practice will become more popular. 

How to prepare for period 9? 

Everyone will be affected by this energy shift so it is very important to celebrate mindfulness. Avoid running through your program each day without being conscious of your actions and needs. It is essential to check-in with yourself on a regular basis to avoid burning out. 

The new period is also the time to open up to change, view life from a different angle and try a new approach to life!

With every year around the sun, a good start is to check-in with yourself, your home and business space – the environment where you spend most of your time. Want to learn more? Follow these easy steps.  

Enjoy the ride of the new energy!

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