Spring brings a sense of renewal, growth, beauty, and joy that is truly contagious. This is a great time of the year to brush up on the Feng Shui of your outside space – giving it a nice boost!

The front door in Feng Shui is very important. It’s considered the mouth of Qi (energy). Paying attention to the exterior of your front door can enhance the flow of positive energy into your living space. Here are some easy Feng Shui tips for the front of your home:

Keep it Clean and Clutter-Free

Remove any clutter or obstacles blocking the path to your front door. This allows energy to flow freely into your home.

Ensure Proper Lighting

Good lighting around your front door not only enhances safety but also invites positive energy. Consider adding outdoor lighting to illuminate the pathway leading to your door. Solar lighting is a great addition! 

Repair & Maintain

Make sure your front door is in good condition. Repair any cracks, squeaky hinges, or peeling paint. Also check on your doorbell. A well-maintained front door symbolizes stability and security.

Front Door Color

The color of your front door can influence the energy entering your home. If you know the element of your home and the color associated with that element, paint the front door with the color related to the element. For example if the element of your home is fire, a red front door would be perfect!   


Vibrant plants that attract wildlife are best! Stay away from plants with thorns, pines and sharp leaves. Also, remove dead and fake plants from your space as they promote empty energy. Tip: lavender plants protect the home! 

Welcoming Elements

Enhance the welcoming energy of your front door by adding potted plants, a welcome mate, lanterns or and any other décor you like. These elements can attract positive energy and create a warm atmosphere.

Balance and Symmetry

Create a sense of balance and symmetry around your front door by placing matching plants or decorations on either side. This promotes harmony in the energy entering your home.

Clear the Pathway

Ensure that the pathway to your front door is clear of any obstacles or overgrown plants. A clear and inviting pathway allows energy to easily find its way into your home.

Take a good look around your front entrance. Applying these Feng Shui principles to the front of your home or business will create a perfect energy flow, inviting positive, peaceful and powerful energy into your home.

Soak up the springtime vibes and let them inspire you to embrace all that this magical season has to offer!

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