Photo by Unsplash, Devon Janse van Rensburg

The goal in Feng Shui is to harmonize our lives with our physical environment. Creating the perfect balance in our living and working space is key. To achieve an atmosphere that flows with energized harmony we work with the five elements; water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Today, I want to touch base on the element wood which is associated with new life, growth, expansion and creativity. 

Here are some simple ways to bring the wood element into your life! 


The wood element has a strong connection to the energy of plants and trees. So it makes only sense that the best and most efficient way to get the wood element going in a space is with plants. Plants are alive and naturally connect us to nature. They bring overall health, clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, produce oxygen and simply make us happy! There are many great plants to choose from. Need some guidance? Read up on house plants here .


Rectangular, columns, vertical/horizontal patterns are the shapes of the wood element. These shapes can be added in many different forms such as décor, furniture, picture frames, rugs, etc. Also column/s in a space count as the wood element.   


The element wood is symbolized by the color green. A fun way to make the element wood pop in any given space is with an accent wall using the element’s color. Using paint or wallpaper to transfer your space into a nurturing atmosphere is a great way. Here some inspirations to get this project going. If you don’t feel like going all out, green furniture, décor or simply house plants are another great addition.


You can get pretty creative to boost the wood element through artwork in your space. Choose your favorite green painting or pick an abstract piece that features the shapes/patterns of the wood element. Images that reflect plants, forest, bamboo, leaves or any kind of greenery are another great option. 


Décor is always the easiest way to add an element because the options are endless. Think of green pillows, table runners, curtains, vases, paintings, books, etc. Not only can you incorporate these items with the color but also with the shape of the wood element. 

Like with all elements in Feng Shui, balance is essential. Too much wood energy can lead to rigidity, while too little can result in stagnation. Finding the right balance in your space is key to promoting a harmonious flow of energy. 

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