Indoor plants are a great way to boost the Feng Shui in our homes and business spaces! Adding plants to our space will help draw the energy of nature into any given room and purify the air we breatheSimply being surrounded by the beauty of plants makes us feel good! In Feng Shui, some plants are more beneficial than othersLet’s find out which plants we love! 



Pachira Aquatica (Money Tree) 

It is believed that the Money Tree attracts the energy of wealth, prosperity and abundance. The best placement for this plant would be in the office or the southeast area of your home which is associated with wealth. 


Pilea Peperomioides (Chinese Money Plant) 

This plant enhances good luck and abundance. Similar to the money tree, place this plant in the office or the southeast area.


Zamioculcas Plant (ZZ Plant/Zanzibar Plant) 

This is a very strong plant and represents growth. It is also called the “lucky” plant. The ZZ Plant helps purify the air in any given space.  You can place it in the east area of your home which is associated with family. Another good area for this plant is in the center of the home which is associated with health.     


Chlorophytum Comosum (Spider Plant) 

The Spider Plant is a great plant to have in the office or near the TV or Wi-Fi station as it absorbs EMFs (Electric Magnetic Fields) from electronic devices.


Peony Plant 

The Peony plant is known as the plant of love! It is normally grown outside but placing its flowers inside can attract love. The most beneficial area for this flower would be the marriage/love area of your home which is located in the southwest.    



Most indoor plants will benefit your space and support the Feng Shui in your home or office.  However, plants with thorns, pines and sharp leaves are not recommended.  Also, remove dead and fake plants from your space as they promote empty, dead energy.  Place plants in the entryway so that you will attract positive energy into your home.  Keep in mind that everything in Feng Shui comes down to balance so don’t fill up the space with too many plants.  Take a good look around your space and check on your plants, replace dying plants with new, vital plants that you love.  Enjoy the glow of nature’s energy!