Most of us would agree that water has an amazing restorative power because of its therapeutic nature. It brings a feeling of calm and at the same time it promotes enormous energy – simply it has a positive impact on our general well-being. So, it comes as no surprise that water is also particularly important in Feng Shui! Water is one of the five elements used to create a perfect energy flow in any given space. In Feng Shui, water is associated with abundance, prosperity, movement, and cleansing and is also connected to career and life journey.

Today, I want to share four simple tips on how to reflect the water element in your home or business space.  

1. The best approach to bring water into your environment is to add an actual water feature. For the outside, a fountain would be the easiest way the get the water going. If you have the opportunity to add a pool or pond that would be amazing. Placing a table fountain made from metal or glass is a great choice for the inside. Another way to incorporate the water element into your home is through an aquarium or a fishbowl. The peaceful sound of water will create a calming feel around your home. It is important to remember that your water feature remains clean and always working.

2. Black, indigo, and dark blue are the colors that represent the water element. To celebrate these colors in your space you can work with accessories and furniture. As shown in the image below, the kitchen perfectly reflects the water color with its dark blue island, cabinets, and rug. The black color is featured in the barstools, light fixture, picture frame and other black accessories placed around the kitchen. It is not necessary to have all the water colors implemented in the area where water is needed – one color will do.  


3. In Feng Shui, the water element is found in curvy and wavy shapes. These shapes can be brought into a space in many forms. As shown in the image below, the water element dominates the room here. Can you see what it is? Yes, the staircase! The staircase reflects two features of the water element, the color black and the curvy shape – two in one! Another fun way to add the water shapes is with decorations that reflect a wavy/curvy shape or pattern on pillows, rugs, curtains, tablecloths, abstract artwork, etc.

Honey Cake Tiger

4. Artwork is an amazing approach to incorporate the water element in your home. Imagery of water is an excellent choice. If you prefer more abstract artwork you can go for something that reflects the shape of the water element or incorporates black, indigo, or dark blue colors. In Feng Shui, it is important to display artwork we love and represents the energy we want to attract. To explore more about artwork and Feng Shui click here 

As you can see there are many creative ways to introduce the element of water into your home or business space. Evaluate your surroundings to see if you can find the water element around your space. Again, the most powerful way to activate the water element is to get an actual water feature. I always suggest to my clients to get either a table fountain, aquarium, or fish bowl to make sure the water element does its work. Applying the 5-element theory into your environment will create an atmosphere that flows with energizing harmony. 

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