The artwork displayed in your home is very important in Feng Shui.  Art in your space is visible all of the time and influences your life on a daily basis.  Decorate your surroundings according to the energy you want to bring in.  For example, appropriate artwork will encourage soothing and calm energy in the bedroom or active and vibrant energy in the office.  Evaluate your art in your enviorment and let go of things that no longer represent you or serve you.  Remember that artwork may just need to be moved around to a different place to give it a different feel or perspective.


Some essentials to consider when placing artwork
  • Entrance – It is always nice to have art in the entrance which makes you feel very good. Choose art that you absolutely love seeing since you will pass it every time you come home.
  • Dining room – Each family member should like the artwork placed in the dining room as this is the area where the family comes together to share stories and meals.
  • Living room – This is a good place to add family pictures or artwork that represents togetherness as this part of the home is where people spend time together.
  • Kitchen – Artwork which represents fire colors such as red, pink, orange is not very beneficial in the kitchen. Fire colors can promote over eating.
  • Kids bedroom – Choose soothing art to promote restful sleep. A family picture in the kids bedroom is also a nice addition for support and protection.
  • Master bedroom – This is the place you personally rest and recharge so calming artwork is the best for the master bedroom. Family pictures are not recommended as this is your personal space.
  • Bathrooms – Ideally place artwork in earth tones here.
  • Office – For the best support while working at the desk in your office – place a picture of a mountain on the wall behind you.


To attract good quality energy, choose artwork which is inspiring and reflects the kind of life you want to enjoy.