As we have moved in to the Yin Water Rabbit energy you want to make sure you have the new Feng Shui remedies in place to create a perfect energy flow to feel support for the year to come.

The year of the Rabbit holds the energy of fertility, creativity, abundance and expansion. Promoting the journey to grow, create and restore. Symbolically fertility also represents to finally craft the ideas which have long been on your mind – moving towards your goals while staying spontaneous.

Above all, the new year welcomes the opportunity to check in with yourself on a subconscious level, gently listening to your inner self as you go through 2023.

In addition to having your remedies in place, I  always recommend to my clients to also write affirmations which is a great way to become clear on what you want in life, plus it is a great tool to manifest your desires for the future to come!

Here some tips on how to map out your affirmations.




Have a wonderful New Year filled with prosperity & fun!