The New Year has just begun so it is the perfect time to write your affirmations! The purpose of affirmations is to become clear about your goals and to support what you want to achieve in the years to come.

When implementing Feng Shui into any given space we focus on these 9 life aspects;

  • Wealth/Prosperity
  • Fame/Reputation
  • Love/Marriage
  • Creativity/Children
  • Helpful People/Travel
  • Career/Life Journey
  • Knowledge/Self Cultivation
  • Family/Community
  • Health/Self-Acceptance

Use these 9 life aspects as a guide when mapping out your affirmations. If you feel called, write an affirmation for each of the aspects or at least the once which are most important to you. Affirmations should be written in present tense and in positive language. Be mindful and use your own words. It is always a good idea to perform a meditation before setting your intentions for the New Year to come.

Another fun way to manifest your future is to create a vision board! 


Manifesting your power by writing it down is a very powerful tool which will add clarity to what you want in life!