September is back to school month for our children!  It is a time for change and growth as our children learn new things, acquire new skills, and make new friends. During this time, it is important that children are surrounded by supportive, strong and positive energy.

This month and next months I will share some basic Feng Shui tips which will help you create an empowering environment for your children that will help them thrive.


Bed Position

The position of the bed is very important in Feng Shui as that is where the child sleeps, rests and recharges his or her energy. You can apply the same rules in your bedroom as well.

Ideally, we want to place the bed in the Commanding Position by;

  • Placing the bed as far away as possible from the entrance door.
  • Having a good view of the door while lying in bed (this symbolizes that you feel prepared to deal with whatever is coming into your life).
  • Putting the headboard against a solid wall and not under a window (this supports the creation of strong, supportive energy).
  • Avoiding the alignment of the bed with the entrance door as the energy coming into the room moves straight and too powerful towards the bed.

Unfavorable Bed Position







Commanding Bed Position







In some cases, the layout of the room will not allow you to place the bed in the perfect position.  If it is not possible to get the bed placed in the ideal place, don’t worry!  Try your best and experiment with the different options you may have.  You will quickly find what position is the most soothing for your child.  I, myself, experienced some challenges with my daughter’s bedroom and had to test many different options before I was able to find the most favorable position for her.


Stay tuned, next month I will share more
Feng Shui essentials on how to create a supportive bedroom for your child.