Most of us spend many hours working behind a desk in an office. In order to stay focused, productive, and efficient it is important to set up our office environment according to the principles of Feng Shui. A small home office benefits from good Feng Shui just as much as a large corporate office does, as they both need a supportive work environment that creates powerful and successful energy. The goal of Feng Shui in the office is to make sure we put ourselves in an empowered position so that we see the world and all of the opportunities coming our way.


Feng Shui office tips that are easy to implement


  • Rounded furniture is preferred.
  • Comfortable desk chair with good ergonomics is important.
  • Wooden desk is best.

Set Up

  • Avoid sharp angles pointing at you while working.
  • Position the desk so you can see the entrance when sitting at your desk. If this is not possible, place a mirror in front of you so that you can see the reflection of the door opening.
  • Place the desk so that you have the wall at your back for the best support.
  • Avoid having your back facing a window or the entrance.
  • Keep all the blinds open to bring in as much natural light as possible.


  • Evaluate your artwork as you only want to have things in your office that inspire you and make you feel good.
  • Place a picture of a solid mountain behind your desk so that the back is facing the picture. This picture will support you and your work will be better appreciated.
  • Bring in artwork with natural landscapes if you don’t have a window. It will help the flow of good energy and keep you calm.
  • Have air-purifying plants such as bamboo palm, peace lily, etc. in your space. These plants support the air quality and clean it. It is very important to have good quality air circulation in your space.
  • Keep only what you need in your office and be mindful of what you have on your desk. Your desk represents your career/academic path.

Up Keep

  • Regularly open all windows to bring in fresh air.
  • Keep your windows clean as windows represent how you look out on life.
  • Ensure that your office and desk is clutter free, organized and clean always.
  • Organize files on your computer and delete files/images, etc. that you don’t need to make space for new things.


  • Write a career/academic affirmation in present tense in positive phrases.
  • Create a vision board.


It is not always easy to get your desk into the best position for productive work (especially when you work in a cubical and your options are limited). However, by implementing as many of these Feng Shui tips as possible, you will be tapping into the successful and empowering energy that Feng Shui provides.


Take care of your workspace. Be mindful of which aspects of your career or academic path you would like to enhance!