The living room is an important area of the home as it is the place where families and friends come together, share stories, and have a good time.  Creating a relaxing environment that feels good to everyone is the key.  Optimizing and balancing the energy flow is essential as each person brings his or her own energy into this space.  At this time of year when the days get shorter and colder we spend more time inside so it’s important to review some of the fundamentals for good Feng Shui in the living room.



To obtain an excellent energy flow the furniture should not be too big or too small compared to the size of the room. We want to create an inviting, well balanced atmosphere. Furniture with round and oval shapes are preferred over furniture with sharp corners.


 Furniture Placement

Before we begin to arrange our furniture, we must first determine the focal point in the living room.  This could be a view, fireplace, painting, bookshelf, TV, etc.  Once your focal point is established, set up the seating area around that focal point in an octagon or rounded shape for better communication and connection.  Ideally, the main seating location should be able to see the door of the living room.  If you have ceiling beams, avoid placing the sofa and chairs directly under them as this could create a feeling of oppression.  Always leave a couple of inches between the wall and the furniture for a perfect energy flow.



The living room is the area of community so artwork that incorporates togetherness is most beneficial here.  A family picture is always a nice addition.  Green plants are a must and fresh flowers on the coffee table makes the whole space shine.



To create a grounded feeling, earth tones such as beiges, browns, yellows, and terra-cottas are recommended.



Natural light is very important!  Keep the blinds open during the day to let as much sunlight in as possible.  If you have dark corners, lighten them up with light colors, small lights or mirrors (for best mirror placement read my blog “Purpose of Mirrors in Feng Shui”).



The holidays are just around the corner so this is a good time to check on the Feng Shui in your living room to make every family gathering enjoyable and successful!