Previously, I explained that homes free of clutter are the foundation for creating a balanced Feng Shui home. Another priority, that is equally important in Feng Shui and will immediately boost the energy of your space and life, is to make sure your home is in good working order.

Just last night I came home and went to turn on my entryway light and realized that I still had not replaced the broken light bulb. Isn’t that annoying? Things in our home that don’t work or are broken will drain our energy.


Basic tips on how to create a balanced home with Feng Shui

·     Fix everything that is broken, out of order, or needs to be replaced inside and outside of the home.

·    Get rid of things which are broken and cannot be fixed.

·    Make sure there are no leaks or dripping faucets in your house. This is directly associated with wasting money in Feng Shui.

·    Replace chipped or cracked dishes.

·    Change burned out light bulbs.

·    Make sure all door knobs work properly – especially the front door.

·    Give your front door, the mouth of the home, a nice boost by cleaning it and adding new plants.

·    Remove dead or fake plants inside and outside the home and add new fresh plants.  Air- Purifying plants are the best for inside.

·      Check your artwork and make sure you still like it as you want to be surrounded by artwork you love.

·     Open the windows as often as you can to get fresh air into your space.

·     Clean your windows – the windows of a home represent the eyes.

·     Allow as much natural light into your home as possible.

·    Preform a space clearing of your home regularly to get rid of old, stagnant energy and bring in new powerful energy for support.


Tool Box Feng Shui


Inspect the inside and outside of your home and take notes about what needs to be fixed, replaced, changed, etc. Ask yourself if you love what you see when you walk towards your home as you want your home to make you feel good and give you energy.

Express gratitude for your home always!