The holiday season is here! This is the time of year when we spend more time in the kitchen than ever! So, that means it is a good time to tune up the kitchen with some Feng Shui essentials. In Feng Shui the kitchen is directly related to our health. A clean and clutter-free kitchen helps good energy circulate freely and supports our general well-being.

Follow these 5 steps to bring Feng Shui into your kitchen

1. Keep the kitchen clean and organized at all times. For best energy flow only keep on the kitchen counter what you need daily.

2. The fridge and pantry should also be cleaned on a regular basis as this is the place where you store your food. Dispose of any expired food.

3. Make sure you only have items in your kitchen that you need and that still work. You don’t want any chipped plates, cups, bowls, etc. as well as any broken kitchen tools in your kitchen. Damaged items promote empty, broken energy. Either get them fixed or let go of them.

4. The stove is very important in Feng Shui – It is a reflection of what is going on in your life. Always keep it clean and in good working order. Use the stove often to activate opportunities in your life and try to use each burner equally. It is said that hanging a mirror behind the stove doubles the energy which could lead to doubling your income.
5. It is also good Feng Shui to keep a bowl of fresh fruit and/or fresh flowers on the counter as this represents healthy choices and abundance.

I hope these essential Feng Shui tips will help lighten up your kitchen for the holiday season!