Feng Shui teaches us to surround ourselves with positive and supportive energy in our homes and businesses.  Many successful and well-known companies find value in Feng Shui and apply its principles to their place of business in order to thrive and grow.  Choosing the right location for your business can enhance the quality of work and create rewarding opportunities.  Follow these basic tips while searching for the perfect location for your business.

  • Pay close attention to how you feel when you enter your potential rental space/retail location for the first time.  If it does not feel right – then keep on looking.
  • Find out as much information as possible about the previous occupants to see whether the space will be supportive for your business or not.  It’s always good to know why the previous tenant moved out.  Have they been successful in this  location and moved to a bigger space or have they gone out of business?
  • Pass on rentals that have a high tenant turnover rate due to companies going out of business.  The reason for this could be that there is negative energy in the space and that energy is preventing a business from growing.
  • Make sure there are no massive or dominant structures overpowering the potential building you will rent (or rental space within it) as that might block the energy to your location.
  •  Look out for sharp angles pointing towards the building from the surrounding structures since this sends negative energy your way.

  • Choose a building which is highly visible and has a bright main entrance so people can find you easily.
  • Avoid a space where the reception desk/cashiers desk is in direct line with the entrance door.  The reason being is that the incoming energy rushes too fast to that area and people working there might not last long.
  • Ideally, the front entrance should not be aligned with the backdoor as the energy which enters will move straight out the door in the back.  We want to have the energy circle inside the building before leaving the space.
These are just a few essentials to get you on the right path as you find a location for your business.  Take your time deciding on the right space as you will be spending most of your day at work so the atmosphere should feel calming, inspiring and as close to perfect as possible!