The holiday season is here!  This is the time of year when families come together to share meals, traditions, and stories.  Healthy meals prepared with love and enjoyed with friends and family will bring us good health throughout the season.  Let’s tune up our dining rooms together with good Feng Shui!



We want to create a comfortable feel for each person sitting at the table. Being too close to each other while eating makes a meal unenjoyable. It is best to place the table in the middle of the dining area to create enough space around the table to easily move around. If space allows it, do not push the table up against a wall.


Make sure the table is not too big in relation to the room.  In Feng Shui, we like round or oval tables made out of wood because it supports an even energy flow.  Plus, it provides an equal opportunity and experience for conversation for those gathered at the table.  When choosing a square or rectangular table, make sure the corners are not too pointy.


We all love to sit in comfortable chairs so placing soft padded chairs with a strong back are recommended.


The dining area is the place where the family unplugs and comes together.  Picking artwork/decoration that everyone likes is most supportive.  Plants, flowers, and calming images promote a relaxing eating experience.  Ideally, we want to create a nice view for each person sitting around the table.


Colors are very powerful and effect our emotions and energy levels.  Think about what colors fast-food chains use.  Red and yellow, right?  Warmer colors such as oranges, reds and yellows boost our appetite and cravings.  However, pastel colors such as green, blue and white decrease our hunger levels and therefore are good color choices for our dining area.



Lighting is also very important.  It is not very pleasant to eat in a space where the light is too bright. Create soft and calming light by adding a dimmer switch to your dining area so that you can adjust the lighting to your preference.


Practice bringing Feng Shui into your dining area year-round, not just for the holidays or special occasions. The way we eat effects our health and reflects in the way we live, love and connect with each other.