Mirrors are considered very powerful in Feng Shui as they can positively or negatively influence the energy in your environment. Placing mirrors mindfully can improve the energy in your space.


The three basic principles or purposes of mirrors

  1. Expansion

Mirrors do not only expand a small space visually but also support the energy circulating throughout your home. For example, adding a mirror in a narrow entrance or hallway will help the energy to find its way around the rest of the home. Be mindful when placing a mirror in the entryway as a mirror facing the front door will keep the energy from entering the home. Hang the mirror so that it will not reflect the entrance door.


  1. Reflection

Feng Shui teaches us that whatever a mirror reflects will double that energy.  When you place a mirror in your home make sure that the reflection is pleasant and enjoyable. For example, reflecting the garden outside in your mirror will bring the energy of nature into your home.  A mirror reflecting a nice picture of your family or a place you love will double those energies. However, in contrast, reflecting clutter or the trash could promote a messy and overwhelming negative energy.


  1. Deflection

In Feng Shui mirrors are also used to deflect negative energy sent your way; such as sharp corners of a building or traffic coming towards your property. When you use a mirror to deflect negative energies it is important that you place it on the exterior of the home to bounce back the harmful energy directed towards you.


As you can see, mirrors play an extremely important role in Feng Shui. Check on the placement of the mirrors you currently have hanging in your home to see what they reflect and adjust or add  mirrors where needed.  These three basic mirror principles will help guide you to promote the best energy possible in your space.