Sage Space clearing kit

• 1 California White Sage smudge stick (4 Inch)
• 1 Smudge bowl
• 4 Tourmaline stones (20-25mm)
• 1 Candle
• Written instruction

Includes wrapping and shipping within the USA

California White Sage (Salvia apiana): Is an evergreen perennial and has been used to cleanse the negative energy in any given space.

Black Tourmaline Stone: Is a powerful stone for protection against negative energy. Black Tourmaline is also associated with emotional stability, grounding, health, and it absorbs electromagnetic energy.

Smudge Bowl: Is necessary to catch any hot cinders when preforming the space clearing ritual. Smudge bowl should be filled with a little sand to prevent overheating the bowl.

Candle: Is lit before starting with the space clearing ritual.

Written Instruction: Explains exactly how to perform the space clearing ritual including how to protect yourself before the ceremony.