Last month we discussed the best placement for your bed. Today, I am going to share more Feng Shui tips on how to create a beneficial atmosphere in your bedroom!


Furniture, Artwork & More

A bed made out of wood with a solid head board is best. Ideally, we want the bed, mattress and bed sheets to be made from non-toxic materials. Place one nightstand on each side of the bed to support a good balance in your room. Be mindful of the placement of mirrors in your room. Do not place a mirror facing you while you are sleeping. Evaluate the artwork/decoration that you surround yourself with. Choose artwork you like and that promotes calm energy. Leave family photos out of the bedroom, photos of you and your partner are fine. Make sure no sharp angles are pointing at you when you are sleeping such as pointy artwork or furniture. Sharp angles can make you feel defensive (like you are constantly under attack) and can interfere with your well-being.

Your room should be absolutely clutter free and organized. This includes your closet, nightstand, etc. Also, keep the space under your bed empty so the energy can flow freely. It is not recommended to have any electronics in the bedroom. TV’s, laptops, and phones should stay out of the room. Get a battery-operated alarm clock so you don’t have to use your phone. Open your blinds and windows every day to the let natural light into your room and to promote optimal airflow.



Be mindful of what you have in your space as in Feng Shui we want to surround ourselves with things which makes us feel good and we love!