Doesn’t it feel good to walk into a home or office that is clean and spacious?
Do you ever wish you could recreate the beautiful homes you see in magazines?
Now is the time for you to transform your space into a
pristine environment worthy of a photo shoot!

Feng Shui teaches us that clutter is both physical and emotional. We hold on to past events, relationships, and memories and letting go of things can be an emotional journey. To be successful in clearing clutter from your space you will need to focus on the positive and on how it will benefit you in the end. Once your surroundings are free of clutter you will see how your home has transformed into a more nourishing place where you will experience a feeling of lightness, clarity and relaxation.

Keep only what you need
It is best to start with a small project so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.  Once you have been successful with a few small projects you will feel more motivated to begin tackling bigger projects in your space. The following steps will help you begin:

1. Label 3 boxes:
• Must go box
• Maybe go box
• Must stay box

2.    Chose a small area (like a drawer or closet) or a small room

3.    Start putting each item inside the individual boxes and ask yourself;
• Do I need it?
• Do I love it?
• Does it still work?
• When did I use it the last time?

Once you are done go back to the maybe go box and go through it again and you will see half
of it will end up in the must go box.

5.  The items in the must go box can be;
• Passed on to someone you know who could use them
• Donated
• Sold
• Thrown away

6. Take a break and come back another day to tackle the next drawer or room!

Keep in mind that if someone gave you something you will never use (or don’t like), it is okay to donate it or pass it on to someone that will like it! Be mindful of your space and remember that not all walls or shelves need to be decorated. Open space in your home will allow the energy to flow. Don’t forget that clearing clutter will take time. The key is that you actually start freeing your life from clutter!

How to manage a clutter free home
Once you de-clutter your home you will want to make sure to maintain it that way. This might be challenging for some of us. It helps to have a place for each item so that it can be put back in its place and never lost. Make it a habit to put things away right after using them. Also, things you use frequently should be easy accessible. For example, in the kitchen you should have the tools you use every day in the front of the cabinet and the tools you use once a year in the back of the cabinet. Use this same method while organizing your closet (you might have to reorganize it after each season to have the proper clothes of the season in front).

Our home is where we spend our time.
It is our base and it should feel like an oasis…a place to recharge our energy!
So, keep it clutter free, always!

Stay tuned in my next blog I will talk about Feng Shui tips on how to attract love and boost romance.