Welcome back to part 2!  Last month we discussed how to create a supportive homeschool environment for your children, focusing on desk position and best space selection.  Today, I am going to share more Feng Shui tips on how to make studying at home a little bit easier for everyone.



Not only is the sitting area and desk position important but you should also dedicate an easily accessible drawer/cabinet in your house with school supplies.  That way everyone will know where to find the materials if it is kept in the designated space.  Finished work can be stored there as well.  This will make your mornings more smoothly, instead of running around looking for supplies you can enjoy a cup of tea knowing that everything is in its place.



In Feng Shui we want to be surrounded by beneficial artwork!  Ideally, you want to have your kids decide on the images they would like to display in their study area so that they can personally connect with their space.  However, you want to encourage your kids to choose harmonious art that allows them to focus. For example, fast-moving images such as cars, fighting cartoons, or running animals are not recommended in the study area as it does not support a calm environment.



Make sure that the wall behind the desk where your kids are sitting is uncluttered and neatly organized as they will see themselves on the screen during zoom time.  Having the back face the kitchen stove, a cluttered bookshelf, etc., is not supportive at all.  Another option is to choose a screen background that promotes a calm feel.  Too much visual stimulation can be stressful for kids. Keep in mind that not only adults but also kids are sensitive to their surroundings.



If possible, choose wooden furniture with round corners and a comfortable chair with good ergonomics for your child’s study space.  Stay away from plastic!



In order to concentrate while studying we want to keep the desk/table clutter free, organized, and clean at all times.  Only keep what is needed that day on the desk/table.  All toys should be stored away during study time.  For older kids, ensure that there are no electronics around such as phones, iPads, TV’s, etc. This will promote productivity without distractions!


Other Tips

Keep the blinds open during the day to let as much natural light into your space as possible and air out your home a few times a day for better air quality.  Have your kids store away the school work, laptop, etc. at the end of the day so it is out of sight.  That way they can fully relax and not think about school until the next morning!  The west area of your home is associated with children and creativity.  So, you want to make sure this part of your home is organized and clutter free at all times.  Freshen up the space with some artwork and photos of your children, and other items that you associate with children and creativity.  Create a vision board (a fun art project) with your kids to focus on goals for the school year.  For tips on how to make a vision board check out the blog on Create your Vision Boardhttps://fengshuiforeveryone.com/category/vision-board-2010-intentional-feng-shui/



Feng Shui aims to balance space and to cultivate a sense of security, productivity, and serenity.  Implementing these Feng Shui tips into your child’s world will help your child feel supported as they experience new things and grow.