As you already know, Feng Shui attracts good energy into your home. Applying the same principles to your outside environment will create harmony between your interior and exterior space and will surround you with a supportive and energizing flow. Your outside space does not need to be big to attract vibrant energy.  A small apartment patio can create just as much positive Feng Shui as a large backyard. The goal is to come home and see your space surrounded by natural beauty supported by the principles of Feng Shui.


  • Keep the front yard, backyard, patio, balcony, and front door organized, clean and clutter free.
  • Only keep what you like and what is needed.
  • Maintain landscaping to make sure it doesn’t become overgrown. Plants should not cover windows, paths, or the entrance to your home.
  • Remove all dead plants and flowers.
  • Get rid or replace broken things such as furniture, garden pots, sprinklers, etc.
  • Keep garbage cans out of sight.



  • Curvy pathways leading to the home are best. If your pathway is straight then you can plant colorful flowers along the sides to soften it.
  • Create an area for the kids to play.
  • Choose a nice area for people to relax.
  • Arrange comfortable furniture for you and your loved ones to gather on. Outdoor furniture made of wood is best.  It is important to not have plastic furniture.
  • Bring in decor that you like.
  • Add a birdbath, bird feeder, or a bird house to attract wildlife which will bring great natural energy into your space.
  • Place a water fountain as it creates a peaceful sound and attracts prosperity if placed in the right place.



  • Avoid fake plants and grass.
  • Stay away from plants or flowers with thorns, pines, or pointy leaves.
  • Choose plants and flowers that you like, look rich, grow quickly and attract hummingbirds and butterflies.
  • Keep trees away from direct line with any entrances. Trees also should be trimmed so that they do not block natural light.



Balance the five elements of water, wood, fire, earth, and metal into your outside space to support harmony.

  • Water: Water fountain or pool
  • Wood: Trees, plants, things made of wood such as planting boxes, benches, etc.
  • Fire: Red colored decor, lights, lanterns, fire pits
  • Earth: Rocks, sand, clay, ceramics, marble
  • Metal: Iron, steel, or copper furniture, sculpture, wind chimes etc.


Maintaining your outside space can be a lot of work but most find that being outdoors nourishes the soul.  Using your own two hands to care for your outside space with good Feng Shui will transform your garden, backyard, or patio into an oasis of calm and a place where you will go to recharge.


Summer is just around the corner! Create your perfect Feng Shui garden and enjoy it to the fullest!