By practicing Feng Shui we balance our physical surroundings and find harmony within ourselves. Given the current situation where we are ALL encouraged to stay home – it is more important than ever to create an atmosphere that flows and supports us. If we apply Feng Shui to our lives we will experience energized harmony in our lives and a greater sense of overall well-being.

There are many steps which can be taken towards establishing a more beneficial home for you and your family. The first step is to de-clutter your space! Feng Shui does not like clutter because it has a negative effect on your health and your ability to focus. Proper organization invites new, powerful energy into your home which enhances every aspect of your life.


  1. The center of your home is directly related to your health. To create the best energy flow possible – try to create open space in this area. The center of your home should not have too many things sitting around or cluttering the space. Make sure to clean and organize this area well and only have things in the center that you like. Place a vital plant or fresh flowers here to give this area an extra boost.


  1. The kitchen is the heart of the home and is important to keep it clean and organized as well! Go through all of the cabinets and remove items/tools you haven’t used in years. Organize your pantry and dispose of expired food. And finally, give your kitchen a good clean and place a bowl of fresh fruit on the counter as this represents healthy choices.


  1. Having too much clutter in the bedroom can cause sleep problems and we all know not sleeping well can have a negative effect on EVERYTHING. Do not store anything under your bed so that energy can flow freely. Organize your closet and stay away from charging your phone, iPad, laptop, etc. next to your bed while sleeping.


  1. Your office is due for a tune up too! De-clutter, organize, and clean your office and shelving. Make sure to keep only what you need on that day out on your desk. This little tip will help you stay focused, productive, and efficient!


  1. Check your artwork to see if you still like what you surround yourself with. You want to have positive artwork that you love to look at decorating your walls!


During this time of unknown it is very important that you create an in-home oasis that makes you feel good. Nurture yourself and be mindful of your space! Freeing your home of things which no longer serve you is key to a healthy well-being!


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