A couple of years ago I wrote a blog on Feng Shui Tips for the Perfect Office Set Up. Today, I want to share tips on how to create a supportive study space for your child using Feng Shui.

Needless to say, things have been a little crazy at home these last few months. Most of us are spending more time at home and work files are getting mixed up with kid’s art projects and sticky handprints on walls have become the norm!  At some point over these past few months we have surrendered to the chaos and found ourselves living in dirty, cluttered, unorganized spaces.  Now, as summer comes to an end, and most children will not return back to school for the fall it is more important than ever to create a supportive learning environment for them at home! But, how do we create this space when our homes are at capacity with parents working from home as well and space is limited?  The beauty of home schooling is that you can be flexible with your learning spaces. By creating a few study spaces (inside and outside) you will keep kids motivated and attract good energy to promote a calmer atmosphere for them to thrive and learn in.

Outdoor Space

The classroom can be outside for part of the day! Fresh air, sunshine, and the sounds of nature are all supportive elements in Feng Shui.  You can count rocks, trees, and even neighborhood blocks (my kids and I rode our bikes to the beach and counted how many more blocks we needed to go to get there)! Walk down your street and make up math exercises from reading the house numbers or go on a neighborhood scavenger hunt. And any lesson that can be done on paper can also be done in chalk on the driveway for a creative break.  Set up a calm and comfortable reading area (whether outside or inside) to read and enjoy the stillness.

Indoor Space

This being said, it is still important to dedicate one specific area within your 4 walls for your children to use as a space to focus during zoom classes. If you do not have a dedicated room with minimal distractions then try to have them meet with their zoom classes in the same spot at the kitchen/dining room table every day!

Desk position

The sitting arrangement in Feng Shui is very important! Follow these steps to design a positive, study environment for your kids;

  • For best productivity, position the desk so that they have a wall behind them for best support.  If you know your child’s best direction then have their back face that direction.
  • Try to avoid having his or her back face a window or entrance.
  • Make sure they are able to see the entrance when sitting at the desk.
  • Place a picture of a solid, calm mountain behind their desk so that their back is facing the picture for best support.
  • Avoid sharp angles pointing at them while studying. Sharp angles such as corners of furniture, pointy artwork, etc. can disturb the flow of energy around the kids.

The same rules can be applied when studying at the kitchen/dining table.


As we all know, each child looks at the world differently, learns differently, and likewise has different needs in order to be motivated. You as a parent know your child best so think of ways to create that safe, supportive space that meets your child’s desire.


Next months I will share some more tips on how to create a beneficial study space for your child with Feng Shui.

Stay tuned!