Feng Shui supports an energy flow that can attract wealth, prosperity and abundance into our lives.

Analyze your surroundings today to bring active wealth energy into your home or business!



Once again, clutter must go! Clutter has a negative impact on energy flow so it is important to remove it from your home or place of business to make space for new, clean positive energy. Remember to let go of things which you do not need anymore, do not love, or are broken.


Front Entrance

The entrance in Feng Shui is also called the “Mouth of Chi”, as this is the area of the home or business where the energy enters. Creating an inviting entrance is essential in order to support a positive energy flow your way. Keep this area clean and add vibrant plants, a welcome mat, or whatever brings you joy.



In Feng Shui, the kitchen is related to prosperity. For good energy circulation keep the kitchen clean, organized and in good working order. All burners on the stove should be working and leaks should be fixed immediately. Keep the refrigerator and cupboards free of any old, expired foods.



Keep your bathroom doors closed and the toilet lids down at all times so money won’t be flushed away. The bathroom plumbing should always be working 100% as dripping faucets or running toilets is a sign of money going away.


Stay tuned, next month I will share more tips on Feng Shui for wealth, prosperity and abundance!